Meet our CEO and Co-founder

Our CEO and Co-founder, Amalia Martino, is the public relations lead at Latina Creative Agency, sits on the board of the Latino Community Fund of Washington State and was co-president of the Snohomish County chapter of FemCity. In 2005, she began using her creative energy, corporate work ethic, optimal public relations practices, and experience to build the boutique public relations firm BlueShoes Media into a well-respected PR firm dedicated to generating opportunities for its clients. Her acute business sense has helped her forge a reputation for quality and grace in the industry, and she brings this along with her experience to give Revel Creative Group its edge.

Amalia is skilled at identifying branding issues, writing and editing, producing compelling story angles, and media pitches. She manages a team of publicists and utilizes her wide-ranging media relationships to generate attention and media exposure across all mediums.

She has placed clients in numerous English, Spanish and Bilingual media outlets including MTV3trs, Mun2, Latina Magazine, Dominican Times, Dr. Oz Show, Fox Business News, Bloomberg Businessweek, Seattle Magazine, KUNS Univision Seattle, El Siete Dias, and El Mundo. She has helped produce successful events, secure sponsorship from Fortune 500 companies, and engage circles of influence via social media.

The key to Amalia’s success is her ability to recruit talent to collaborate with, bond with clients, learn who they are as people, and understand values important to them. She takes the time to extract information and strategically place them in the marketplace. Her work style is to nurture and guide professional relationships while at the same time uphold high expectations, implement deadlines, and get things done.

Since creating Latina Creative Agency, Amalia has led the multicultural outreach and media relations for Red Cross Safe in the Sound, Washington State Department of Ecology’s E-Cycle campaign and The Commons at Federal Way.