Engaging the community means meeting them where they are, speaking their language, and connecting to elements they care about. From door-to-door or cultural event activation to group conversations and even hyper-local digital targeting, LCA has the capacity and expertise to design and execute respectful and effective community outreach strategies that facilitate a two-way dialog.

  • Public Involvement
  • Local Events
  • Surveys 
  • Focus Groups 
  • Community Meetings & Open Houses

Other Services

All successful marketing and advertising campaigns start with a great strategy. We revel in research and brainstorming sessions that inform our marketing strategies and tactics. We have years of experience creating and developing compelling marketing plans and strategic advertisement campaigns to increase brand awareness, engagement, and sales for our clients. | Marketing Portfolio


 Public Relations always starts with messaging and customer service, but also encompasses media coverage and social media. Latina Creative has a team of experienced public relations professionals. We revel in serving up effective PR campaigns, securing media placements, and generating goodwill for our clients. | Public Relations Portfolio

Our Translation branch is all about connecting your brand with the new emerging U.S.-based multicultural audiences. Whether you audiences are from Hispanic, Asian, or African American communities, we know how to engage them with your brand in a culturally relevant and effective manner. An effective diversity-marketing program goes beyond translations. Our multicultural team has managed outreach campaigns for a variety of companies large and small. | Translations Portfolio

Engaging on social media is no longer an option; it’s a necessity. Most companies can’t afford to ignore social media. Why? Customers now have partial control of your brand, and you must therefore engage and help shape your brand presence. How this is done is what’s important. Latina Creative believes that it’s less about the number of followers and more about engagement. Are your customers taking the desired action(s)? Our social media management team revels in strategy, focus, and conversion. We make it a point to create “real conversations,” capture opportunities and grow relationships.

Video is one of the most effect ways to tell a story. It is also one of the best ways to improve a website’s search engine optimization (SEO). Latina Creative offers full video production services: from storyboarding and production to direction and editing, we revel in video content. | Video and Audio Production

Let’s party. Better yet: let’s raise funds, gather a community, and/or launch your brand. Latina Creative provides event planning and coordination services that include theme development, design, feature entertainment, invitation design, signage, publicity/advertising, and staffing. | Events Portfolio

Media is all about strategic placement and getting the biggest bang for your buck. Our client media placement is all about getting the best value and optimal placement across multiple channels. Whether in traditional (print, radio, or TV) or digital mediums, we revel in delivering impressions.

Who are you, really? What does your product stand for? How do your customers recognize and engage with you? A brand is much more than a logo. Latina Creative helps our clients develop a brand identity that defines who they are, who they want to become, and how they will be perceived. | Branding Portfolio